— Farm Journal Media Proof of Concept—

Inara AI developed, tested, and successfully completed a Proof of Concept (POC) pilot project with Farm Journal Media (Farm Journal, Inc.), the nation’s leading business information and media company serving the agricultural market. Farm Journal Media partnered with Inara AI on the POC for a product using artificial intelligence for audience engagement that reveals their interests, intentions, and motivations for Farm Journal Media content.

With the POC, Inara AI demonstrated that Farm Journal Media can provide deep understanding, insights and guidance to clients on planning and executing the optimum go to market strategy and create initiatives to sell more product to their target customers in the agriculture market.

Inara AI captured data in real-time on Farm Journal Media audience response to content with the Mecha—DIR intelligent software bot. Analysis by the Inara AI team acquired deep content affinity, proclivity, and propensity data for individuals and across the sample groups, and revealed the related drivers for business decisionmaking for operations and product buying. 

The project showcases how Inara AI is at the forefront in bringing machine intelligence to B2B media and information companies, opening up new revenue opportunities and powering clients’ sales and marketing success.



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