Digital Assistants and Flash Briefings
Especially if you know what is a flash briefing, you are likely already using a digital assistant. But did you[...]
Consider Machine Intelligence for Piloting Your Business
A Price Waterhouse Coopers team led by Chris Curran tracked emerging technologies and chose eight as essential for the enterprise[...]
The Path to Success is Paved by Investing in Others
As a leader in your industry,  it’s likely that you have run across the term emotional intelligence, which is chiefly[...]
Alexa In-Skill Purchasing is Here Now
Today I participated in a Twitch webinar conducted by the Amazon Alexa developer team. I got some news there I[...]
On solving the industry-specific problem as a Vertical AI startup with AI and subject matter expertise
Again and again, we've been revisiting this article by Bradford Cross and the embedded video of his talk at Data[...]
7 reasons that accelerators don’t select companies for their programs
Inara AI recently received a response to our program application from an accelerator. While the response was something of a[...]
Five A.I. Startup Predictions for 2017
Rob May in his latest TECHNICALLY SENTIENT email newsletter, cited a Bradford Cross article, “Five A.I. Startup Predictions for 2017.”[...]
Building an AI Startup: Realities & Tactics
Matt Turck's presentation at the O'Reilly Artificial Intelligence Conference covered several topics on the rise of Artificial Intelligence startups. Yes,[...]
Machine Learning Startups Reach the Peak of Inflated Expectations
Steve Blank's Lean LaunchPad class at UC Berkeley’s engineering school inspired his article talking about technology infrastructure waves, and the[...]
Founders should not hold up a seed round for lack of a lead investor. Good lead, bad lead, convertible note.
Elizabeth Yin answers the one question that seed investors love to ask is if you have a lead investor in[...]

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